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What kind of coaching are you looking for?

Like anything in life, the balance of business and pleasure – the have to’s and want to’s of day to day life – can be overwhelming. The key to fulfilling your potential is having a clear goal in mind and feeling positive that you know how to reach it – but that is increasingly difficult when you lack your usual support network or are out of your comfort zone. In these situations you need an expert to guide you and provide clarity along your path to success.

You need a coach.

But what kind?

Our global coaches specialize in different sectors of life and business improvement and understand the needs of our clients. Life and work issues can easily overlap, and most coaches recognize that and can help you accordingly. Take a look at the different categories below and see which one you feel fits your needs best.

Life Coaching

Life coaching isn’t therapy or mentoring, it’s about empowering you to meet your personal goals. Perhaps you have recently moved abroad, eager to start afresh, but don’t know where to begin? Or is your relationship with your partner or people around you need attention because of your new lifestyle? You have a new opportunity to start again – but where do you go from here?

A life coach is there to empower you, encourage you and show you how you can live the life you desire and to make the transition necessary to reach your personal goals. A life coach is someone you can trust to be dedicated to your wellbeing and balance. A life coach will guide you to build strong and warm relationships and to live in a flow.

All our life coaches are certified from ICF.

Our life coaches will:

– Get you to understand yourself, your dreams, fears and expectations

– Look at what is currently causing you anxiety and uncertainty and provide you with tools to tackle it

– Will help you acquire good habits and to transform bad habits

– Support you in any shifts or changes you need to make to enable you to progress

– Show you how to get to the right life/work balance

– Clear confusion and partner with you through the path you need to take

– Motivate you and build your confidence

– Provide pragmatic help with stress, low self-esteem, negativity and anxiety

Leadership Coaching

If you are in a leadership position and looking to sharpen your style and to be the best leader you can be, a leadership coach will provide you with the tools to enhance your leadership abilities which, naturally, will have a positive effect on your team and your business as a whole. Our leadership coaches are specialized in helping senior executives to stand out as top performers in leading teams and organizations to achieve success.

As a leader you need a trusted voice that can tell it to you as it is and can help you with self-awareness so you can capitalize on your strength and improve your weaknesses to reach your goals. Our leadership coaches are certified professionals of the highest calibre with extensive experience in partnering with senior executives to ensure that you achieve measurable results through guidance and motivation.

All our leadership coaches are certified from ICF.

Our leadership coaches will:
– Help you define the measurable goals you need to set for yourself to be the leader you aspire to be
– Help you build and enhance a high-performance culture around you
– Help you inspire, engage and lead your people and organization towards success
– Help you sharpen your strategic decision making skills
– Help you to be a master communicator and a strong influencer
– Help you transform challenges into opportunities and to lead change
– Help you plan your career and arm yourself with the emotional intelligence and mental and physical fitness required

Career Coaching

Career coaching is the perfect start for anyone finding themselves at a cross roads in their career. Taking that first leap can be daunting and intimidating… sometimes you need to be guided in order to make the right decision for you and your future.

Our career coaches offer a solution-orientated approach, looking at the concrete steps required to achieve your goals and objectives. What kind of career are you looking for? What do you need to attain satisfaction at work? What is holding you back from finding the dream job or attain the progress you desire?

Your career Coach will be working with you on a theoretical level (looking at your approach to work and providing general tools of empowerment) and on a pragmatic level too (guidance and advice on getting where you wish to be). The career coach will help you understand what you have done in the past, where you are now and where you see yourself in the future.

By getting to know you, your ambitions and your fears, the career coach will be able to assess what it is that is holding you back and supply you with the key to unlocking your talent and greatest potential. The coach’s goal is to support you to make the right decisions, in an actionable and attainable manner.

All our career coaches are certified from ICF.

Our career coaches will:

– Give you clarity on what it is you are looking for

– Create with you a clear plan as to how to attain your goals via specific stepping stones

– Unblock the emotional obstacles preventing you from moving forward

– Relieve anxiety and stress through empowerment techniques

– Demonstrate the various channels you can take to get your dream job

– Build your confidence in all aspects of job hunting

– Help you avoiding repeating previous mistakes


You know what you want and you’re trying your hardest, but you’re not getting anywhere. Sometimes it’s not about how hard you work, but how smart. Whether in the world of business or general life skills, understanding how to build and improve your skills and/or competencies towards specific goals is a must for success.

Our mentors teach you just that – how to be better. They provide clarity to your situation and arm you with the skills and techniques you need to reach your goals. They differ in expertise to address the various needs of our clients but they are all highly qualified and experienced in their fields with excellent track record of achieving successful results.

On functional level, our mentors are seasoned executives in sales, supply chain, marketing, finance, HR, legal and IT.

On private business level, our mentors are highly experienced in startups, growth hacking, financial planning & strategy development.

Our mentors are specialized also in specific skills such as public speaking, presentation skills, effective selling, personal finances, executive presence, authenticity and influence.

All our mentors are experts in their speciality with extensive experience.

Our mentors will:

– Help you build or enhance a specific competency and the related set of skills

– Guide you to understand and set your priorities

– Give you an overview of your challenges and the changes you have to make

– Motivate you to stay focused and to maintain your attention to what matters

– Build your confidence on solid ground of progress and improvement

– Help you recognize any reoccurring themes that are holding you back from reaching your objectives

Health Coaching

Learning how to improve your health and wellbeing is vitally important to live a happy life abroad. So how do you do that? By learning some important methods for looking after yourself.

Our health coaches are not doctors and are not psychotherapists, if you need professional medical advice please ensure that you seek it. What our coaches do is show you how to be fit, stay fit and live a healthy life by focussing on nutrition, exercise, meditation and mindfulness. After all, if your body and mind are strong – anything is possible.

Besides the extensive experience, all our health coaches are graduates from reputable health or sport education.

Our health coaches will:

– Analyse your current lifestyle and pinpoint areas where you can improve your health and fitness
– Look into your routines and habits that are making you underperform and suggest solutions
– Provide nutritional advice and help you develop healthy eating habits
– Help with a fitness plan to reach measurable goals
– Demonstrate meditation and mindfulness techniques that can alleviate stress and improve your mental health
– Strengthen both your body and mind so you can deal with the challenges you are facing
– Empower you to stay focused and confident
– Demonstrate ways to remain positive, calm and motivated when facing adversity