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Welcome to the coaches' portal


What is and why should I join?

Launching in Spring 2018, will be the platform for individuals and organizations who require a coach certified and experienced in helping those who seek to reach their full potential and achieve their lifestyle and business goals through face-to-face or virtual coaching.


We maintain minimum qualifications and requirements for coaches to join and remain in While the minimum requirements vary between the coaching types, they follow standard specific guidelines to make sure that clients always find qualified coaches that can help them and that coaches are proud to be part of our community.

To join, there are three main elements that the minimum requirements are built on; certification, experience and methodology. These three elements are applied through the following Joining Guidelines:

  • For Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Career Coaching, certification from ICF or equivalent is a must.
  • Relevant certification is required for Mentoring and Health Coaching. Lack of certification can only be compensated by extensive relevant experience for not less than 10 years.
  • Health coaches must be graduates from health or sport education.
  • In Mentoring, working experience in the specific field of competency of at least 5 years is required.
  • All coaches must provide reference to at least 2 previous clients that can be contacted to acquire feedback from.
  • Minimum requirements are validated in a meeting with the coach (face-to-face or virtual). During the meeting, the coach approach and methodology will be also evaluated.
  • All coaches must agree to privacy policy, terms of use and code of ethics.

To remain in, there are two main elements that the minimum requirements are built on; clients reviews and compliance. These two elements are applied through the following Continuation Guidelines:

  • A coach must remain above the minimum average review rating by clients.
  • A coach must not breach the privacy policy, terms of use and code of ethics.

Our clients review system includes rating of the coaching experience and success in achieving agreed goals. We will only acquire a client’s feedback after all purchased coaching sessions with a specific coach are conducted.

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