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    1. Session - Health Coaching

    1 session, 0h 30

    Recording the basic situation.

    Burnout and Stress Resilience Coach - Health Coaching

    8 sessions, 0h 50 each

    1.- Self-control and relaxation: Man learns to re-activate the metabolism in the brain and to regain his willpower.
    2.- Dissolving stress stores, eliminating nerve fragmentation due to stress.
    3.- Creation of inner eligibility and decision-making ability.
    4.- Localize the inner impellers and saboteurs. Which unconscious motivations drive man, what values ​​and conflicts of meaning does a person carry?
    5.- Creating a personal goal-security: To what extent do planning and design of my life fit in with the desired inner and outer goals?
    6.- Realignment: How do I shape my life after the crisis?
    7.-We develop techniques such as: resilience, concentration, visualization, problem analysis and decision-making, time management and balancing work - personal life.

    Meeting points

    Virtual sessions:
    • Skype
    Face-to-face sessions:
    • Meets clients in a public place
    • Meets clients in an exact address
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    Coaching speciality details

    Certificates * Awards Psychotherapy (HP) Laudius Academy. Germany Acredited Psychotherapist Karen E. Wells; KEWTRAINING: Professional Diploma Accredited Course in Psychotherapy. England Professional Neuroplasticity Diploma Course, The KEW Training Academy. England Hypnotherapy 'Hypnosis Practioner' THE SCOTTISH STRATEGIC LIFE ACADEMY, Scotland. Problems Identification * Conflict Solutions Coach, Kepner * Tregoe Academy. USA Free Stress Management - Understanding Stress Total Sucess. USA The Science of Stress Management and Promoting Wellbeing Washington University. USA Natural Medicine Joey Bersntein, USA Pain Management Medical Vibes. USA Antimicrobial Stewardship: Stanford University. USA My main focus Psychological counseling Marriage counseling - Couple counseling Preventive couple counseling / Couple training Narcissism in partnership Attachment anxiety - fear of loss Systemic coaching - counseling Burnout reduction Stress management Focusing with high sensitivity Procrastination Labor conflicts Professional experience My work experience has sometimes led more than 150 people directly, I have also started a business and expanded it through Spain, Mexico, USA, England, Malta and Germany. Employer: BASF. BAYER, RVSL Aachen.

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    Time zone: Amsterdam

    About me

    About me

    I can be helpful as I have over 16 years experience in business coaching as a senior executive in two of the largest German companies in the international arena and 25 years as a senior executive of my own business consulting firm. In my professional experience I have managed more than 150 employees, I have also founded a company and expanded it through Spain, Mexico, USA, England, Malta and Germany. I have also studied chemistry with a Ph.D. Medicine for 4 years and finally Psychotherapy (HprG). Associations: DBVB - German Federal Association for prevention of burnout and prevention e.V. Association of psychotherapists, and psychological consultant e.V. CTAA - complementary therapists accredited Association VDSI free "Association of German safety engineers" German Association of hypnosis

    Coaching method / approach

    Step 1: The first session is free and is intended to help you determine if I am the right person for you and, for my part, whether your situation is in line with coaching. Step 2: After the agreement, we define both a consultation plan and a calendar of meetings in which we will develop: 1. We need to determine the basics of the situation, 2. We identify every step that led to the problem 3. We find the strengths of the individual, 4. We develop the techniques together with the individual, which lead to the strengthening of their strengths, 5. If we develop the hidden strengths of the individual, we prepare them so that the strengths are stronger than his weaknesses and teach him techniques with which the future situations can be overcome.

    Notes / Remarks

    Work experience: Head of Occupational Safety - Fire Protection - Plant Fire Department - Environmental Protection Department, BASF Mexico, Director of Occupational Safety - Fire Protection - Plant Fire Department - Environmental Protection Department, BAYER Mexico, Managing Director RVSL Aachen


    Psychotherapie (HP)
    • Institute / Certifying body: Laudius Akademie
    • Date acquired: March 15, 2019
    Professional Neuroplasticity Diploma Course
    • Institute / Certifying body: The KEW Training Academy, England
    • Date acquired: February 18, 2019
    Professional Diploma Accredited Course in Psychotherapy
    • Institute / Certifying body: -Karen E. Wells; CTAA. England
    • Date acquired: November 15, 2018
    Free Stress Management – Understanding Stress
    • Institute / Certifying body: Total Succes Training. USA
    • Date acquired: October 25, 2018
    Hypnotherapy Practioner
    • Institute / Certifying body: Scotish strategic Life Academy. Schottland
    • Date acquired: February 5, 2018
    Resilient The Science of Stress Management
    • Institute / Certifying body: Washington University. USA
    • Date acquired: September 1, 2017

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